Enhancing agriculture productivity and ecosystem resilience in multifunctional landscapes, CLUSTER, Fellow

  • Marley, Christina (PI)
  • Smith, Andy (PI)
  • Carter, Eunice (CoI)
  • Davies, Gareth (CoI)
  • Davies, Alun (CoI)
  • Ford, Hilary (CoI)
  • Healey, John (CoI)
  • Jones, Geraint (CoI)
  • MacKintosh, Sian (CoI)
  • Markesteijn, Lars (CoI)
  • Morgan, Clare (CoI)
  • Nouvet, Sabine (CoI)
  • Owen, Rhys (CoI)
  • Owen, Arwyn (CoI)
  • Pagella, Tim (CoI)
  • Rayment, Mark (CoI)
  • Robinson, Dave (CoI)
  • Tansey, Christine (CoI)

Project: Externally funded research

Project Details


Aims to identify positive interactions between trees, livestock and soil and improve our understanding of animal behaviour and metabolism (feeding, growth, defecation and use of shelter)
Aims to increase productivity and reduce GHG emissions by multifunctional landscapes and exploiting the potential synergies between trees and livestock.
Examines the role of shelterbelt systems in the provision of ecosystem services and in increasing ecosystem resilience to perturbations of upland livestock systems.
Will inform policy on how sustainable intensification of farming practices can improve agricultural productivity and local livelihoods whilst enhancing the delivery of a range of regulating ecosystem services.
Effective start/end date26 Jun 201531 Dec 2018


  • Rhwydwaith Ymchwil Cymru ar Ynni Carbon Isel a'r Amgylchedd | Low Carbon Energy and Environment Research Network Wales (Funder reference unknown): £191,000.00


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