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‘FrAilty Care and wEll-funcTion’ (FACET) focuses on the prevention of frailty by monitoring and improving health of older adults. It aims to increase the awareness of frailty amongst individuals and professionals and promote what people can do to prevent frailty. To achieve this, there are two core objectives:

Offer a free online course ‘Recognizing and preventing frailty’.
Free materials will be produced and workshops delivered for clinicians and other professionals around functional ability assessment and frailty screening and assessment.

Help individuals monitor and improve their functional ability, health and well-being
Develop an online platform for the individual to record diet, physical activity and assessment results, which allows the clinician to monitor the individual remotely. In addition, potential molecules will be identified from urine that relate to frailty and track healthy ageing.
Effective start/end date01 Feb 201631 Dec 2018


  • EIT Health (EIT 17507): £219,384.02


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