Soft matter dynamics

  • Cohen-Addad, S (PI)
  • Cox, Simon (PI)
  • Durian, Douglas (PI)
  • Hohler, R (PI)
  • Hutzler, Stefan (PI)
  • Langevin, Dominique (PI)
  • Rio, Emmanuelle (PI)
  • Salonen, Anniina (PI)
  • Sonin, Andrei (PI)
  • Weaire, Denis (PI)

Project: Externally funded research

Project Details


FSL Soft Matter Dynamics - Hydrodynamics of Wet Foams (Foam Coarsening) aims to investigate bubble size and rearrangement dynamics for “wet foams”. Microgravity offers the opportunity to investigate such "wet" foams, which cannot be stabilized on Earth because of drainage. Moreover, microgravity conditions are essential to study rearrangement phenomena, such as coarsening and coalescence, disentangled from drainage.
Effective start/end date01 Dec 201517 May 2019


  • European Space Agency (4000115113/15/NL/PG): £42,000.00


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