The Older People's Commissioners in Wales and Northern Ireland: A comparative study

  • Sherlock, Ann (PI)

Project: Externally funded research

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My research project involves a comparative study of the Older People’s Commissioners in Wales and in Northern Ireland. While there has been a good deal of academic consideration of Children’s Commissioners in the UK and beyond, the more novel office of Older People’s Commissioner has received much less attention. The overall project being conducted examines a number of aspects concerning these Commissioners, including their role in dealing with individual requests for assistance and their place within the administrative justice system, and their impact on policy development. However, this seminar will focus on the establishment and governance aspects of the offices. In particular, it will raise the question of how the independence of the Commissioners may be secured while still ensuring an appropriate level of accountability. Examining the Commissioners in two jurisdictions within the UK provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the relevance of the political contexts in which they operate.
Effective start/end date01 Apr 201731 Jan 2018


  • The Society of Legal Scholars (Funder reference unknown): £1,807.60


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