A Simplified Method for Patterning Graphene on Dielectric Layers

Håkon I. Røst, Benjamen P. Reed, Frode S. Strand, Joseph A. Durk, D. Andrew Evans, Antonija Grubišić-čabo, Gary Wan, Mattia Cattelan, Mauricio J. Prieto, Daniel M. Gottlob, Liviu C. Tănase, Lucas De Souza Caldas, Thomas Schmidt, Anton Tadich, Bruce C. C. Cowie, Rajesh Kumar Chellappan, Justin W. Wells, Simon P. Cooil

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The large-scale formation of patterned, quasi-freestanding graphene structures supported on a dielectric has so far been limited by the need to transfer the graphene onto a suitable substrate and contamination from the associated processing steps. We report μm scale, few-layer graphene structures formed at moderate temperatures (600–700 °C) and supported directly on an interfacial dielectric formed by oxidizing Si layers at the graphene/substrate interface. We show that the thickness of this underlying dielectric support can be tailored further by an additional Si intercalation of the graphene prior to oxidation. This produces quasi-freestanding, patterned graphene on dielectric SiO2 with a tunable thickness on demand, thus facilitating a new pathway to integrated graphene microelectronics.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)37510-37516
Number of pages7
JournalACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Issue number31
Early online date30 Jul 2021
Publication statusPublished - 11 Aug 2021


  • LEEM
  • PEEM
  • electrical decoupling
  • graphene
  • patterned growth
  • photoelectron spectroscopy


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