Conceptualisations of Territorial Cohesion in Central European border regions

Barbara Demeterova, Bryonny Goodwin-Hawkins, Tatjana Fischer

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Despite decades of spending, Cohesion Policy appears unable to fully address growing national disparities and increasing ‘roll-out’ nationalism. In the present study we discuss regional effects of ‘fuzzy’ policy concepts, such as EU’s policy for Territorial Cohesion, in Central European borderlands from a stakeholder perspective. Identifying how key policy documents have framed the discussion of Territorial Cohesion, we furthermore demonstrate the differing ways regional stakeholders have interpreted this vision. By showing how multiple translations have produced dynamics that create a circular process, we conclude that this process leads towards non-comparable outcomes, increased misunderstanding, while fuelling EU scepticism.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2287-2306
Number of pages20
JournalEuropean Planning Studies
Issue number12
Early online date20 Jan 2020
Publication statusPublished - 01 Dec 2020


  • Territorial Cohesion
  • Cross-border cooperation
  • Policy transfer
  • regional dynamics
  • Central Europe
  • INTERREG cross-border cooperation
  • policy Transfer
  • European Territorial Cohesion


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