Curvature driven motion of a bubble in a toroidal Hele-Shaw cell

Adil Mughal, Simon Cox, G. E. Schröder-Turk

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We investigate the equilibrium properties of a single area-minimising bubble trapped between two narrowly-separated parallel curved plates. We begin with the case of a bubble trapped between concentric spherical plates. We develop a model which shows that the surface energy of the bubble is lower when confined between spherical plates than between flat plates. We confirm our findings by comparing against Surface Evolver simulations. We then derive a simple model for a bubble between arbitrarily curved parallel plates. The energy is found to be higher when the local Gaussian curvature of the plates is negative and lower when the curvature is positive. To check the validity of the model we consider a bubble trapped between concentric tori. In the toroidal case we find that the sensitivity of the bubble’s energy to the local curvature acts as a geometric potential capable of driving bubbles from regions with negative to positive curvature.
Original languageEnglish
Article number20160106
JournalInterface Focus
Publication statusPublished - 16 Jun 2017


  • soap bubbles
  • curvature driven montion
  • Hele-Shaw Cell


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