Developing a Sustainable and Circular Bio-Based Economy in EU: By Partnering Across Sectors, Upscaling and Using New Knowledge Faster, and For the Benefit of Climate, Environment & Biodiversity, and People & Business

Lene Lange, Kevin O'Connor, Sigurjon Arason, Uffe Bundgård-Jørgensen, Antonella Canalis, Dirk Carrez, Joe Gallagher, Niels Gøtke, Christian Huyghe, Bruno Jarry, Pilar Llorente, Mariya Marinova, Ligia Martins, Philippe Mengal, Paola Paiano, Calliope Panoutsou, Ligia Rodrigues, Dagmar Stengel, Yvonne van der Meer, Helena Vieira

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