Flatworm parasite proteomics

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This book examines recent research into the molecular biology, genomics and transcriptomics of, and novel control strategies for, flatworm parasites. These include Cestodes (tapeworms) and Trematodes (flukes, schistosomes etc), which are the cause of a number of diseases of medical and veterinary importance. The book explores three main areas: phylogeny, genetics and transcriptomes; immunobiology, host-parasite interaction and control; and protein function, metabolism and physiology. Where appropriate, comparisons are made between different parasitic flatworms and between parasitic and free-living species. The book concludes by exploring future avenues for research. Contributors to the book include leading authorities from Europe, North and South America, and Australia.
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EditorsJ. N
PublisherCABI Publishing
ISBN (Print)9780851990279,
Publication statusPublished - 2006


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