Hanes Cyhoeddi Cerddi Eryri (1927) Carneddog

Research output: Book/ReportBook


The story of the problems facing Richard Griffith (Carneddog, 1861-1947), as he set out to publish Cerddi Eryri, 1927, a collection of old ballads and songs noted from the Snowdonia area, being a lecture presented to the XIth International Celtic Studies Congress in Cork, Ireland, 30 July 1999.

Hanes helbulus cyhoeddi Cerddi Eryri, 1927, casgliad o hen faledi a cherddi ardal Eryri a gofnodwyd gan Richard Griffith (Carneddog, 1861-1947), sef darlith a draddodwyd yn yr XIfed Gyngres Astudiaethau Celtaidd Ryngwladol yng Nghorc, Iwerddon, 30 Gorffennaf 1999.
Original languageWelsh
Place of PublicationAbertawe
Number of pages24
Publication statusPublished - Nov 1999

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