In Search of Creativity: A Compilation of International Studies

Dev Raj Acharya (Editor), Shirin Kulkarni (Editor)

Research output: Book/ReportEdited book


Creativity is a process to look at familiar things with a fresh eye, find the problem and explore new possibilities. In today’s interconnected world, creativity is becoming driving forces in our daily life which has the capacity to transform the individual, society and country as a whole.

We all are born with natural capacities for creativity but the mass education systems are suppressing them from a long time. As a result, the education system has failed to meet the challenges the global people are facing at the moment. The current education system has promoted mainly three things: a narrow view of human capacity; compliance to the creativity; and rigidity to each of the human activities. It is now time to nurture the creativity for the sake of personal, economic, cultural and global reasons. The educators have a significant role to play to recognize and foster the creativity in our schools. It will help the student to learn at all stages of learning and to create something which have value to them and others. It is obvious that there are some challenges to engage the students through creativity such as teachers’ different viewpoint about the creativity and the particular learning and teaching approaches in promoting creativity. However, a greater clarity about the meaning of creativity in educational contexts is vitally important in order to establish a foundation for a discussion so that the creativity is best promoted.

This book has tried to incorporate various forms of creativity practiced and experienced in different schools around the world. As such the book is designed for students, teachers and researchers on the basis that informed and evidence-based information in education and creativity should be accessible to them who are interested.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherCouncil for Creative Education (CCE) FInland
Publication statusPublished - 2016


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