Intelligent Assembly Systems

Research output: Book/ReportBook


This book deals with a key area of industrial robotics - the automation of small batch assembly. Assembly imparts enormous added value but turns out to be extraordinarily difficult to automate. The work presented here, all from the Centre for Intelligent Systems at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, addresses this issue and show ways in which the difficulties may be reduced through systematic architectural designs and specific structures for interfacing and controlling sensory-actuation systems. The book develops three main themes: a task-centred approach to robotic assembly; explicit reasoning techniques for fault diagnosis and error handling; and sensor-actuator integration methods. These are vital topics for those involved in flexible automation and robotics.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherWorld Scientific
ISBN (Print)981022494X, 9789810224943
Publication statusPublished - 11 Jan 1995


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