Megis archoll yw 'ngholled': Marwnadau Mamau i'w Plant

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YB is a long-established and prestigious series of critical literary essays. This 8,600 word essay on elegies by mothers to their children discusses texts that were discovered through original archival research and represents a new contribution to the field of women's writing and gender studies in Wales. (The texts quoted in the essay were edited and published in Charnell-White's 2005 anthology of Welsh women's poetry, 'Beirdd Ceridwen'.) The mothers' elegiac verse is contextualised within women's role in death ritual and the theoretic/generic function of the elegy. It also has a comparative dimension as the tropes and language of the Welsh texts are discussed alongside a broad range of elegies by mothers in other Celtic languages (Irish and Scots Gaelic) and from the more mainstream tradition of English women's verse.
Original languageWelsh
Title of host publicationYsgrifau Beirniadol XXVIII
EditorsGerwyn Williams
Place of PublicationLlandysul
PublisherGwasg Gee | Gee Press
Number of pages26
ISBN (Print)9781904554035
Publication statusPublished - 2009

Publication series

NameYsgrifau Beirniadol

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