Recent advances in Miscanthus science and breeding

John Cedric Clifton-Brown, Sarah Jane Purdy, Charlotte Mary Hayes, Christopher Ross Ashman, Laurence Edmund Jones, Kerrie Farrar, Lin Shiow-Fen Huang, Joseph Anthony Gallagher, Christopher Martin Glover, Maurice Edward Hinton Jones, Elaine Fiona Jensen, Richard Marc Loosley, Anne Louise Maddison, Jon Paul McCalmont, Christopher Nunn, Paul Russell Robson, Gancho Trifonu Slavov, Robin David Warren, Richard John Webster, Susan Jean YouellIain Simon Donnison, Christopher Lyndon Davey, Charlotte Melanie Jones, Tim Barraclough, M Castle, Jennifer Cunniff, William Cracroft-Eley, Joerg M. Greef, Astley Hastings, Graham Harding, Iris Lewandowski, Heike Meyer, Michal Mos, Walter Nelson, Goetz Richter, Charlie Rodgers, Kai-Uwe Schwarze, Michael Squance, Timothy Swaller, Ian Shield, Q. Xi, Angela Karp, Richard Flavell

Research output: Contribution to conferenceAbstract


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Agricultural and Biological Sciences