The SARAO MeerKAT 1.3 GHz Galactic Plane Survey

S Goedhart, W D Cotton, F Camilo, M A Thompson, G Umana, M Bietenholz, P A Woudt, L D Anderson, C Bordiu, D A H Buckley, C S Buemi, F Bufano, F Cavallaro, H Chen, J O Chibueze, D Egbo, B S Frank, M G Hoare, A Ingallinera, T IraborR C Kraan-Korteweg, S Kurapati, P Leto, S Loru, M Mutale, W O Obonyo, A Plavin, S H A Rajohnson, A Rigby, S Riggi, M Seidu, P Serra, B M Smart, B W Stappers, N Steyn, M Surnis, C Trigilio, G M Williams, T D Abbott, R M Adam, K M B Asad, T Baloyi, E F Bauermeister, T G H Bennet, H Bester, A G Botha, L R S Brederode, S Buchner, J P Burger, T Cheetham, K Cloete, M S de Villiers, D I L de Villiers, L J du Toit, S W P Esterhuyse, B L Fanaroff, D J Fourie, R R G Gamatham, T G Gatsi, M Geyer, M Gouws, S C Gumede, I Heywood, A Hokwana, S W Hoosen, D M Horn, L M G Horrell, B V Hugo, A I Isaacson, G I G Józsa, J L Jonas, J D B L Jordaan, A F Joubert, R P M Julie, F B Kapp, N Kriek, H Kriel, V K Krishnan, T W Kusel, L S Legodi, R Lehmensiek, R T Lord, P S Macfarlane, L G Magnus, C Magozore, J P L Main, J A Malan, J R Manley, S J Marais, M D J Maree, A Martens, P Maruping, K McAlpine, B C Merry, M Mgodeli, R P Millenaar, O J Mokone, T E Monama, W S New, B Ngcebetsha, K J Ngoasheng, G D Nicolson, M T Ockards, N Oozeer, S S Passmoor, A A Patel, A Peens-Hough, S J Perkins, A J T Ramaila, S M Ratcliffe, R Renil, L L Richter, S Salie, N Sambu, C T G Schollar, L C Schwardt, R L Schwartz, M Serylak, R Siebrits, S K Sirothia, M J Slabber, O M Smirnov, A J Tiplady, T J van Balla, A van der Byl, V Van Tonder, A J Venter, M Venter, M G Welz, L P Williams

Research output: Working paper


We present the SARAO MeerKAT Galactic Plane Survey (SMGPS), a 1.3 GHz continuum survey of almost half of the Galactic Plane (251°$\le l \le$ 358°and 2°$\le l \le$ 61°at $|b| \le 1.5°$). SMGPS is the largest, most sensitive and highest angular resolution 1 GHz survey of the Plane yet carried out, with an angular resolution of 8" and a broadband RMS sensitivity of $\sim$10--20 $\mu$ Jy/beam. Here we describe the first publicly available data release from SMGPS which comprises data cubes of frequency-resolved images over 908--1656 MHz, power law fits to the images, and broadband zeroth moment integrated intensity images. A thorough assessment of the data quality and guidance for future usage of the data products are given. Finally, we discuss the tremendous potential of SMGPS by showcasing highlights of the Galactic and extragalactic science that it permits. These highlights include the discovery of a new population of non-thermal radio filaments; identification of new candidate supernova remnants, pulsar wind nebulae and planetary nebulae; improved radio/mid-IR classification of rare Luminous Blue Variables and discovery of associated extended radio nebulae; new radio stars identified by Bayesian cross-matching techniques; the realisation that many of the largest radio-quiet WISE HII region candidates are not true HII regions; and a large sample of previously undiscovered background HI galaxies in the Zone of Avoidance.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages33
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2023


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