The Slightest Movement

Research output: Non-textual formPerformance


There were two connected events. The first: 13 artists, from various disciplines some local, some national, 2 from abroad came together in Wednesbury on Monday 20th September to work with Quarantine for 6 days at the Old Post Office. At the start of the project, the group was given a task: to go somewhere that they have never been, meet someone who they don't know and invite them back to an event that has been constructed in their absence. The scenographic provocation was to construct an event that could operate as a site to interrogate questions around the notion of tolerance. The intention was to repeat the task every day for a week. The second: A ghost encounter. The film of the afternoon event was played over the deserted table and remnants of the conversations. Towards the end of the evening, in full view of the spectators, the room was cleared and returned to the state we found it when we arrived, one week earlier. The scenographic investigation was a reflection of the repeated task, the image that contains its own image the Mise en abyme but develops this over time and functions in parallel through different forms of theatrical encounter.

Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationFierce Festival, Birmingham
Publication statusPublished - 01 Sept 2010


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