Walking the Way to Health Wales

J. H. Doust, David Adrian Tod

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The Walking the Way to Health Wales (WW2H) Scheme aims to increase health and well-being by promoting regular exercise through the activity of walking. There is one grant-aided project per county (22 in total), as well as a small number of non grant-aided projects. Over the three years that WW2H projects run, 80,000 people are expected to participate and benefit.
The specific targets of the Scheme are:
⊗ 80,000 people walking who are from areas of poor health or who were previously inactive
⊗ improved health and well-being of participants as a result
⊗ small-scale improvements on the ground to make local areas more accessible and safe for walking
⊗ training and support for every professional and volunteer involved
⊗ the implementation of an accreditation scheme to recognise good quality projects
⊗ the espousal of the WW2H model by the health mainstream in Wales, and receiving mainstream funding from 2006 onwards
The accreditation scheme has not been implemented, nor will be.
The national evaluation provides:
1. data on the volume of activity in the WW2H Scheme
2. data on participants’ health and well-being
3. information about processes and management
In this report the results from the evaluation of the Local Project Coordinator and the Walk Leader training courses are presented. Evaluation occurred via a mail out survey, and the questionnaires asked participants about various aspects of the training they had received including the achievement of specific learning objectives, the facilities and resources provided in training, and the quality of the training. The questionnaires were developed by the national evaluation project team in consultation with CCW to ensure that they met the needs of CCW. Copies of the questionnaires are provided in section 5 of this report. These results contribute to the achievement of point three (above) by providing information about the processes and management of the WW2H exercise scheme.
CCW provided the national evaluation team with lists of individuals who had completed either the coordinator or walk leader training courses. The project coordinator training list consisted of the 42 individuals who had completed the training course (i.e., the entire population). The walk leader training list consisted of 79 individuals sampled from the 710 people who had completed the walk leader training. The sample was obtained by taking every 5th name from the training course registers. The individuals on these two lists were sent the appropriate questionnaires by mail and they were asked to return them to the national evaluation team in addressed return envelopes. Participants were provided with bilingual copies of all materials.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherPrifysgol Aberystwyth | Aberystwyth University
Commissioning bodyCyfoeth Naturiol Cymru | Natural Resources Wales
Number of pages24
Publication statusPublished - 2006


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