Crime Control, Policing and Security in the United Arab Emirates

  • Khalifa Rashid Mohammed Al-Shaali

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


This thesis originated in the researcher's interest in mapping the effect on the internal security of the UAE of the economic, political and social changes that have occurred since federation in 1971, as well as exploring future threats to security. Having worked in senior positions within the security field in the UAE for many years, the researcher has experienced and studied these changes, and the many threats to security which in some cases are only beginning to emerge clearly. The thesis sets out the historical background to the political, economic, social and security development of the UAE. This is followed by an examination of the reliability of the official criminal statistics in the UAE, and specifically whether they provide an accurate picture of the state of security in the UAE. The thesis then identifies the underlying threats to security in the UAE. The thesis examines the concepts of internal security and social control, and explores the role of informal and formal organisations with respect to social control. The thesis examines informal and formal social control in the UAE and the changes that have occurred particularly since Federation, and asks whether their positive contribution to the internal security of the UAE is under threat. Several questions arise as to the role of the police - what is that role, and is it changing? Are the police currently serving social needs, and how might they he reformed and so operate more effectively in the field of crime control?
The thesis also asks whether the administrative system has a clear strategy for
dealing with the threats to security. The conclusions and recommendations of this thesis specifically address solutions designed to overcome the major threats to the security of the UAE, and to eliminate obstacles' to the development of an effective crime control strategy in the UAE. Proposals to remedy the shortcomings of the various law enforcement organisation's are also advanced. All these recommendations are intended to ensure a safer society in the UAE.
Date of Award1999
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • Aberystwyth University
SupervisorChristopher Harding (Supervisor)

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